Waking Brigid

Waking Brigid is Francis Clark’s first novel. A devoted Savannah native, Clark has captured the essence of the city in this book, while evoking the evils both human and unhuman that descend upon a place- and those with the moral courage to confront that evil. After a career in advertising and magazines, Clark devoted himself to writing full time and completed Waking Brigid and one other novel prior to his untimely death in 2007.

The story is set in the post Civil War era in which Savannah has escaped largely unscathed. But the horrors of war and the madness that men do linger in the air.  A beautiful Irish nun Brigid Rourke arrives in this dark and battered city to do good in the service of her faith as a nurse.  As a child she was given over to the Church to ensure her survival in a time of great famine in her native Ireland. But to take her place in the Convent, she had to reject her pagan heritage. But the gifts of being an “heriditary” with the gifts some would consider the workings of a “witch” still remain deep inside her. She strives to keep her secret and perform her duties in the Church, all the while being drawn to her family pagan heritage. She is tested when a prominant Savannah native is brutally murdered in a local Insane Asylum behind it’s locked and bolted doors. As a select group of priest, trained in white magic conviene on the city, Brigid comes to know that their powers alone may not be enough to stop the evil that has been summond. The book is an amazing story of the clash between white magicians and satanic worshipers for the soul of the city of Savannah.

“I found this an excellent book, I could not put it down. The setting and the mystic of the city of Savannah and the fight between good and evil was outstanding. I would highly recommend the book to those who like stories from the dark side.”  Angela L Burke of the MSSPI Research team

Father Andrew Greely wrote:

” Imagine a coven of killers evil worshipers in post Civil War Savannah, a strong voodoo cult, and a band of doomed Catholic excorsists who depend for their safety on an Irish born nun with extraordinary gifts. Waking Brigid is a fast paced, nail biting fantasy tail of the perennial battle between good and evil- and good of course speaks with a brogue! “

The book can be purchase in hardcover form on Amazon.com Click Here


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