About MSSPI DarkPens

The MSSPI Dark Pens blog is  hosted by the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators. The blog is a collection of postings related to Paranormal & Dark Literature, Paranormal Authors, Dark Poetry and Book Reviews. We will also feature short story submissions and articles  with paranormal related themes. The MSSPI Team is a group of volunteer historical and paranormal researchers and investigators. Our investigation and research services are free of charge to the public. To learn more about MSSPI please visit our main website at www.mississippi-spi.com or view our Research Room for History, Science and Paranormal related articles.

Those with an interest in Cemeteries and Preservation are invited to visit www.headboardsofstone.blogspot.com for Mississippi cemetery related articles by Angela L Burke of MSSPI who writes on behalf of MSSPI for The Grave Yard Rabbit blogger.

If you have a paranormal related book, poem , article or short story that you would like to share with us for posting, please send your submissions to angelamsspi@hotmail.com for consideration. We will give you full credit if we choose to post your article. MSSPI provides our blog as a free service to those with an interest in paranormal related reading. We are open to all paranormal subjects and will consider all posts so long as the original author is submitting or a link to their site is provided. We hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to reading submissions and comments from readers outside of our team as well as those who are part of it.

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