The Lover, The Nightmare, The End

written and submitted by Dave Kent of Clinton Ms.

Another sleepless night
The dreadful deed is done
I lie awake and beg for sleep
But all in all get none
Her scream is but a noise
An echo of the past
I force myself to carry on
But my heart, I doubt, will last
Her blood is but a liquid
Once red, it flows no more
The stain forever on my hands
A color I can’t ignore
Her eyes show no expression
A cold and lifeless stare
A life that withered like a rose
Will never again breathe air

Sometimes I miss her dearly
At night when I’m alone
It seems I hear her call me
But I know that she is gone
Forever she will haunt me
She’s running through my veins
Until my blood stops flowing
I’ll hear her call my name

Tonight I heard strange noises
Lasting well into the night
Then, suddenly at my bedside
Stood a frightening, eerie sight
Her hair had lost its color
Her skin so pale and grey
“Be still, My Love. I’ve come for you.”
And she ripped my life away…


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Filed under Dark Poetry, ghosts, Spirits

One response to “The Lover, The Nightmare, The End

  1. Angela L- MSSPI

    I loved it Dave, thanks for allowing us to post it. You should write some more 🙂

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