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The Christmas Ghost

from Hauntings In My Head , A Collection of Ghostly Southern Poetry published in 2009 by Angela L Burke





The Christmas Ghost

Twinkling lights, aglow on the tree.

Children all gathered around on their knees.

The stockings are hanging above a warm fire.

The nut crackers stand tall to guard the empire.

A jolly ole Santa sits up on the mantle.

A flame flickers softly from a cinnamon candle.

Gingerbread cookies and striped candycanes,

Pretty wrapped present with bright bows and the names,

Of all of the people that I love the most.

To bad they can’t see me,

Because I’m a ghost.

Big frosty snowflakes sit bright on the sill.

Mary and Joseph and the shephards all kneal,

In a tiny nativity that sits on the table.

Now everyone’s laughing, how I wish I were able,

To reach out and touch them, too tell them I’m here.

I’m so sad, I would cry, if I had some tears.

For the ones I love most, can’t see me

Because I’m a ghost.

So I’ll move round the room.

Whisper softly in their ears

A memory might flash and for a moment a tear

Might well up in their eyes as they think of past years.

And just maybe, they’ll know that I’m here.

Now their smiles light up as they lift up their cups

and they toast to the season with cheer!

“Merry Christmas!”  they shout, as I sit here and pout,

While they hug and they kiss by the tree.

I miss that the most, but because I’m a ghost,

I know that they cannot see me.

Now my time here is gone.

I must be moving on, there are lots of things I need to do.

But I thank God for the favor.

See , he gave me a waiver

So I could spend Christmas with you.



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